My Glocks

Glock 21 SF (Gen3) Glock 19 (Gen3) Glock 19 (Gen3) Krylon Camo Sand(?) Grip Force Gen 123 Adapter
All are wearing: Ameriglo Defoor Tactical sights Streamlight TRL1s lights
Since taking these pictures, I have changed the configurations on both the 19’s

The black Glock 19 got Trijicon HD sights (Orange) Vickers Extended Mag Release

I removed the Grip Force Adapter from the tan Glock as it changed the LOP (Length of Pull) to where I couldn’t get my trigger finger in position naturally. It is a great Idea though as I do have a problem with “slide bite” which this solves. Damn.
Both Glock 19’s have received Lone Wolf Extractors due to “Brass in the face.” weak ejection patterns and stove pipes which has eliminated the main problems. The extended slide stops have been replaced with standard Glock slide stops. I have changed out the stock Glock connectors with Glock 4.5lb (3.5lb) ‘-’ connectors.


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