Include a Carpenter’s Pencil in Your Bug Out Bag

A carpenter’s pencil is a useful item to have in you BOB. It’s durable, you can sharpen it with any blade you happen to have and you could even drill a hole in the end of it to tether to your bag. The Home Depot ones are pretty cheap and come in an orange color so if you do happen to drop it, you can find it easily.

Per-Sec Systems, LLC. Signature Series Kydex Holster and Standard Mag Carrier

The Per-Sec Signature Series holster removes excess material which allows the most options for placement on the belt without interferring with your ability to get into your pockets.

The build quality is excellent with no sharp edges and retention is very positive with a ‘click’ unlike I’ve felt/heard on any the other kydex holster I’ve owned. The same can be said about the Standard Mag Carrier. I have little concern about the pistol or mag falling out under aggressive movement and even with this retention, it still allows for a smooth draw.

Additionally, the belt loops are wide enought to fit snugly on the thick Ares Gear Ranger belt (as shown above) but still holds close to the body on a thinner belt like a Wilderness Original Instructor belt. The Signature series will not work with all belt attachement options but is still an excellent option for outside the waistband concealed carry.

See the complete line of Per-Sec Systems, LLC. holsters and mag pouches here.

4SEVENS Quark AA Tactical Flashlight

LengthThe 4SEVENS Quark AA Tactical Flashlight is my EDC (Every Day Carry) light. Honestly, I use this thing all the time. It’s about the length of a roll of quarters and sits length-wise at the bottom of my left front pocket.

It is an LED light and has a programable head with seven output modes: Moonlight , Low, Medium, High, Max, Strobe, Beacon (You get to pick two). I usually run the light on high (which is enough for most tasks) to save a little on battery life. My second setting is Max mode. The “Tactical” part of this light refers to the tail cap which protrudes from the back slightly and allows for momentary on/off along with the full click on/off.
It has a durable T-6061 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Body which is holding up well to being dropped on the floor in my pants daily and more than a few trips through the wash.

The primary reason I chose this light over, say a Surefire is that it takes one very common AA battery. You can find a replacement battery for this anywhere and I suspect it will be easier to find one of them rather than trying to find a CR123 or some other exotic battery after the SHTF. I also keep a spare on my keys in a waterproof case which has come in very handy.

My Battle Belt System

High Speed Gear, Inc. (HSGI) Sure-Grip Padded Belt (Multicam)
HSGI Riggers Belt (Tan)
2x HSGI Taco Modular Single Rifle Mag pouch (Multicam)
2x HSGI Pistol Taco pouch (Multicam)
Dark Angel Medical pouch Gen 2 (Multicam)
Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) (Black)
Tactical Tailor ‘Roll Up Dump Bag‘ (Multicam)
G-Code holster for Glock 19/23 (Coyote Brown)
Bawidamann Pals Universal Platform (PUP) Standard

This belt was put together with specifically with training in mind but is a very capable mostly universal system. I chose the HSGI Tacos because I own both AR and AK platform rifles which the tacos will accomodate. The pistol tacos will hold 1911 single stack mags to Glock 21 double stack mags as well as small-ish flashlights, multi-tools, etc. very securely.

The Bawidamann PUP system is a great design as it provides a wide and sturdy platform, keeping your pistol from flopping around. That combined with the HDPE stiffener sheet inserted in the padded battle belt to keep it rigid and the wet suit material lining the belt, you get very little movement and your kit is always in the same place. The PUP is also a great solution for mounting knives with kydex sheaths. check them out here.

The Dark Angel Medical pouch is something I thought I’d try as it keeps all med-kit in the same place. It has a built in tourniquet pouch, meaning no rubber bands or loops to pull it through when you’re in desperate need.