Snake Hound Machine Custom AK-47 Update #3 Test Fire Complete

Snake Hound Machine Custom AK-47Here’s Snake Hound Machine owner Owen Martin test firing the custom 14.5″ AKM with an Ares Armor Effin-A compensator he built for me.

I’m half tempted to keep it as-is. I like the classic look but I’ve already started with the cut down barrel and the comp. So, I’ve been secretly buying parts while Owen was putting it together.

Snake Hound Machine Custom AK-47 Update #1

Here is the progress so far on my custom built 14.5” AK-47 by Snake Hound Machine out of New Hampshire. Installed on the barrel is a fully-tunable, pinned Ares Armor Effin-A Compensator.

Owner and Gunsmith, Owen Martin of Snake Hound Machine describes the bolt fit and polish as, “so smooth it feels like butter on glass.”

I’m so stoked to shoot this thing.

Next up is Snake Hound Machine’s own Combat Trigger, trigger guard and Parkerizing. The furniture and other bits are still TBD.

I chose the standard front sight post instead of the integrated gas block sight in order to maximize the sight radius (distance between the front and rear sights). I did this even though I think the integrated gas block sight looks awesomer and from what I understand, Owen’s isn’t a bolt on unit that “other” custom AK builders use which adds to the durability of the rifle.