Manticore Arms NightBrake on Zastava M92 PAP

I felt that a 7.62 pistol needed the help of a compensator or brake to tame recoil. The Manticore Arms NightBrake is the best one I could find for the 26×1.5 left hand thread of this pistol. Because I take the M92 in my truck and may need to use it inside the vehicle, I wanted to keep it as short as possible and this brake only adds 1.125″ to the overall length. It’s machined from 8620 steel and heat treated which make this a very solid muzzle brake.

Zastava M92 PAP

This is a Serbian Krinkov style AK pistol in 7.62×39. because it is a pistol, it does not require any modifications to meet 922(r) compliance when imported by Century Arms International into the US.  It comes with a very nice trigger from the Zastava factory. The official Krinkov version is a rifle and not available in the US. It is built with an underfolder stock. The M92’s barrel is 10″ and is not chrome lined.

I added an Echo Nine Three V4/YP sling adapter and a US Palm AK-BG AK grip. The thread protector is spot welded (visible in the pic above) which I will remove with a dremel. I have a Krinkov style flash hider coming and a compensator that is on back order. I also ordered a detent kit for the muzzle device as well because the M92 doesn’t come with one.

Springfield TRP Operator

Springfield TRP Operator (Full rail)
Streamlight TRL1s

All railed Springfield Operators have Bull Barrels. This model is based off the Custom Shop “FBI” though has MIM parts and is not completely hand fitted.
It is not a light weight aluminum frame carry gun and with the full rail, it weighs even more than your standard 1911. The good news is, there is little felt recoil. Slap a 10 round mag in there with the light and it’s like you’re shooting .22’s.

This one is going back to the custom shop for a clean up and new sights then it will be sold. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

My Glocks

Glock 21 SF (Gen3) Glock 19 (Gen3) Glock 19 (Gen3) Krylon Camo Sand(?) Grip Force Gen 123 Adapter
All are wearing: Ameriglo Defoor Tactical sights Streamlight TRL1s lights
Since taking these pictures, I have changed the configurations on both the 19’s

The black Glock 19 got Trijicon HD sights (Orange) Vickers Extended Mag Release

I removed the Grip Force Adapter from the tan Glock as it changed the LOP (Length of Pull) to where I couldn’t get my trigger finger in position naturally. It is a great Idea though as I do have a problem with “slide bite” which this solves. Damn.
Both Glock 19’s have received Lone Wolf Extractors due to “Brass in the face.” weak ejection patterns and stove pipes which has eliminated the main problems. The extended slide stops have been replaced with standard Glock slide stops. I have changed out the stock Glock connectors with Glock 4.5lb (3.5lb) ‘-’ connectors.