Terminal Ballistics

Terminal Ballistics

Terminal Ballistics – In gerneral, handgun rounds poke holes, rifle rounds break up into fragments (and tumble) causing a greater amount of internal damage. Read more about it via the link above.


Rifle Dynamics/Impact Weapons Components AK-M4 Stock Adapter

I added the Rifle Dynamics AK to M4 Stock Adapter to my Arsenal SGL 21.

The stock adapter angles the stock straight off the back of the rifle unlike other adapters and AK stocks which slope down. The cheek weld is very high and is designed for use with an optic. It really forces you to mash your cheek into the stock when looking through the sights.

It requires an AR-15 Buffer Tube, End-Plate, Castle Nut and AR-15 Stock. I chose a Mil-Spec Magpul CTR with Mil-Spec parts. Mil-Spec parts are highly recommended. No permanent modification of the rifle is necessary and it takes about 15 minutes to install (if you’ve done this before on an AR-15). As always, make sure you stake the buffer tube castle nut with the end-plate!

There is a 5% discount code available over at Jerking The Trigger. Check out their great blog at http://jerkingthetrigger.com/

Arsenal SGL 21 AK-47

Arsenal SGL 21
Arsenal SGL 21 AK-47 (Russian)
Ultimak Forward Optic Mount
Elzetta ZORM Offset Flashlight mount
Surefire G2-LED Flashlight
Vickers Combat Applications Sling (Multicam)
Universal Wire Loop (Short)
Krebs Custom Guns Mk VI Enhanced Safety Selector Lever

I v-notched the rear sight and used white paint pen to outline the notch as well as the front sight.

This rifle is set up exactly the same as my other Arsenal.

Arsenal SGL 21-71, Black Stockset Russian made stamped receiver, 7.62×39 caliber, chrome lined hammer forged barrel, front sight block with bayonet lug and 24×1.5 right-hand threads, muzzle brake, standard mil-spec. handguards with stainless steel heat shield and NATO length buttstock, 1000 meter rear sight leaf, scope rail, accessory lug.

• Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
• Total Length: 895 mm (35 1/4 in.)
• Barrel Length: 415 mm (16.3 in.)
• Rifling: 4 grooves
• Twist Rate: 1 in 240 mm (9.44 in.)
• Weight without Magazine: 3.24 kg (7.15 lbs.)
• Muzzle Velocity: 710 m/s (2,329 fps)
• Effective Range: 500 m (550 yds)
• Maximum Range: 1,350 m (1,480 yds)
• Rear Sight Range: 1000 m (1,094 yds)

Snake Hound Machine Custom AK-47 Update #3 Test Fire Complete

Snake Hound Machine Custom AK-47Here’s Snake Hound Machine owner Owen Martin test firing the custom 14.5″ AKM with an Ares Armor Effin-A compensator he built for me.

I’m half tempted to keep it as-is. I like the classic look but I’ve already started with the cut down barrel and the comp. So, I’ve been secretly buying parts while Owen was putting it together.